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Cool Seal

Cool Seal


COOL SEAL is a single component solar reflective acrylic co-polymer based waterproof membrane and heat insulating coating. Due to its excellent adhesion and thixotropic nature it is an ideal material for vertical and horizontal applications. The heat insulating properties of COOL SEAL are based on hollow SP.

COOL SEAL can be used for roof slabs, terraces, balconies, sunshades, parapet walls, etc. COOL SEAL is ideally suited for application on structures having complicated geometry like domes, arches, shells, folded plates, parboloids, and corrugated sheets.

Weatherproof / waterproof protective coating • Insulates against heat. • Reduces air conditioning bills. • Provides warmth in the winter. Can be used on a variety of substrates such as concrete, asbestos, cement, zinc and GI sheets, timbre, light weight concrete etc.

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