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Home Expert HET®101

Home Expert HET®101 is a cement based, polymer modified, 2 component, multipurpose waterproofing slurry. HET®101 combines a crystallisation action and pore blocking effect with the excellent waterproofing ability of special polymers, fillers, and properly graded aggregates. Suitable for use in tropical and hot climatic conditions.

HET®101 is used as an economical and easy to use waterproofing slurry both for external and internal applications. HET®101 is suitable for the water and sewage works, such as tanks and man holes.

▪ Basements and lift pits

▪ Retaining walls and bridge structures

▪ Sea walls and irrigation channels

▪ Balconies, bathrooms etc.

HET®101 can be used against positive and negative water pressure.


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