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Rain Protector-002

Rain Protector-002

Home Expert® Rain Protector is a flexible, liquid applied, single component, ultra violet rays and weather resistant, acrylic waterproofing membrane for all types of exposed roof slabs (new and old), terraces (sloped and flat), etc. When combined with Home Expert® Fab 1 glass fiber mesh gives a highly durable waterproofing membrane system.

Uses and Characteristics

Exposed roof waterproofing Impervious coating on roofs (flat and sloped) and concrete structures. As protective coating in infrastructure projects. On non-trafficked areas. Excellent adhesion to concrete, brickwork, corrugated asbestos, and asbestos cement sheet.

Crack-bridging, Flexible, Water vapour permeable, Simple application (even at detailing) Economical Bonds well to all types of masonry substrate, High diffusion resistance against CO2, Ultra violet rays and weather resistant Algae and fungi resistant


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