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Watertight Powder-202

Watertight Powder-202

Home Expert® Watertight Powder-202 is a combined water resisting and HRWR/Superplasticising admixture, used to enhance the workability of and reduce the water permeability of concrete. The product incorporates Home Expert® ViscoCrete Superplasticiser Technology and depending on material package will produce watertight concrete at a S3 consistence with a w/c ratio of <0.45 without the addition of a separate HRWR/Superplasticiser. Watertight concrete can be produced which is suitable for BS8102:2009 Type B construction (grades 1-3). 

Uses and Characteristics
Home Expert® Watertight Powder-202 has been specifically formulated to produce high quality watertight concrete. Home Expert® Watertight Powder-202 is used as a constituent of the Home Expert ®Watertight concrete system and contact MUST be made with Home Expert Ltd to ensure that full system compliance is achieved. This Technical Data Sheet MUST be read in conjunction with Home Expert publication Home Expert® Solutions for Watertight Concrete.

▪ Water retaining structures

▪ Below ground structures

▪ Swimming pools

▪ Lift pits

▪ Tunnels

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