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Fipro Star

Fipro star

Fipro star spray or shower or the solution of water and mixed at 5 litters per sq used for termite proofing as well as for fumigation. This is one of the best products which we have for termite proofing and fumigation.PRE-CONSTRUCTION
1. Foundation pits
2. Foundation once it is at DPC level
3. Prior to construction of temporarily (Katcha) floor
4. Between Constructed and the outer plot

Drill holes both inside and outside the walls, approximately every 2-3 liters for each hole to create the walls with a barrier. The wall should be surrounded by the walls, as well as on the ground surfaces. All holes should be filled after treatment. Spray solutions on windows, doors and frames.

Fipro Star is one of the most effective termiticide/insecticide that contains Phenyle Pyrazole as the predominant ingredient. Fipro Star is a unique termiticide/insecticide because it provides complete and long-lasting control over termites which makes it different from most of the other termiticides/insecticides available in the market.

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